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State Representative’s Report – September 9, 2017

Hello All, I hope you are all busy. Our OHBA President elect, Chris Tsonton, asked me if I had heard if NAHB had any predictions on what the hurricanes might do to material pricing in the near future? So, I asked Rob Dietz, NAHB's Chief Economist. Below are his...

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2017 Legislative Review – Aug 24 – Report #8

OHBA WATCHING SEVERAL BILLS FOR UPCOMING HOUSE COMMERCE AND LABOR COMMITTEE When the House returns from summer recess sometime in September, it is likely OHBA will be closely following several issues in the House Commerce and Labor Committee.  Over the summer, OHBA...

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NAHB State Representative Report – August 21, 2017

Just a reminder, that if you want to serve on an NAHB Council or Committee, you must ask! The deadline is September 21 and a link to apply is below. If you have any questions let me know, or you can contact Cyndi McKinley directly at NAHB at 202-266-8346...

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Economic Growth Picks Up the Pace

After a slow start to the year, economic growth accelerated in the spring. According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, GDP growth stepped up to a 2.6% annual rate in the second quarter, a significant improvement over the 1.2% rate registered for the first three...

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Building Codes: What You Should Know

by Chris Majzun Jr., President, North Coast Building Industry Association  If you are shopping for a new home, how can you be sure that it was built so that it does not cause health or safety problems for the members of your household? The answer can be given in two...

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2017 Legislative Wrap-Up – July 10, 2017

  After passing out the conference committee report and sending HB 49 to the Governor last week, the House returned this week with votes to override several provisions vetoed in HB 49 by Governor Kasich. The House voted to override a total of 11 vetoes, including...

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