We Serve Northeast Ohio

The North Coast Building Industry Association (NCBIA) serves Erie, Huron and Lorain Counties. NCBIA members have been an integral part of the growth and economic development of the communities we serve since 1944. NCBIA was founded as a not-for-profit local affiliate of the Ohio Home Builders Association (OHBA) and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) representing more than 275 builders and other businesses directly related to the home building industry. Our members are builders, remodelers, tradesmen and associated professions representing the collective interests of the residential construction industry.

Our Mission

The North Coast Building Industry Association is
dedicated to the advancement of the building industry,
its members, and the communities it serves.

Code of Ethics

1) Members must comply with State Attorney General and FTC advertising guidelines for industries.

2) Unusual persuasion in securing a Certificate of Completion prior to the completion of the work called for in the contract is unethical.

3) Imitation of trademarks, trade names, labels, brands, or other distinctive words, phrases, or marks of competitors, with the capacity or tendency of effect of misleading or deceiving the customer is unethical.

4) The defamation of competitors by falsely imparting to others dishonorable conduct, inability to perform contracts, questionable credit standings; or the false disparagement of the grade, quality, or manufacture of the products to be used by competitors is unethical.

5) A guarantee of less than a minimum period of one year on labor and material is unethical. Failure to extend to customers the terms of a manufacturer and/or the supplier guarantee or warranty for materials supplied is unethical.

6) The willful failure to perform all contractual obligations is unethical.

7) The failure to perform work in compliance with the local laws for the public health and safety is unethical.

8) Failure to take corrective action within the warranty period for a bad practice is unethical.

9) Member must maintain high standards of professional conduct and should encourage fellow members to do likewise.

10) Member must refrain from all illegal and morally reprehensible conduct.

11) The violation of this CODE OF ETHICS and/or federal, state, and local criminal statutes will result in review and possible nullification and termination of membership in the Association.

12) The CODE OF ETHICS is for the purpose of insuring the integrity of this Association and is not for the purpose of suppressing competition to restrain trade, fix or control price through combination or agreement, or otherwise injure, destroy or prevent competition.

C) By signing the Association’s Application for Membership Form, we attest to the fact that we assume our responsibilities freely and solemnly, mindful that they are part of our obligation as members of this Association.

What We Do

  • Promote and protect the principle of safe and cost-effective housing for all people
  • Provide leadership and direction for our members as the recognized voice of the industry
  • Establish and maintain prescribed industry standards and professionalism of our members
  • Enhance the building industry by maintaining a cooperative and effective relationship with the government
  • Maintain a balance between the economic needs and the social and environmental needs of the community
  • Promote public appreciation for the importance of housing and those who provide it
  • Provide education to members and community
  • Improve our communities through Community Service Projects
  • Promote jobs, workforce development and housing
  • Provide products and services to housing industry
  • Work for balanced national legislative, regulatory, and judicial public policy
  • Bring together many industries and businesses in one single forum
    Secure cooperative action in advancing the common purposes of our members; uniformity and equity in business usage and laws; and proper consideration of opinion upon questions affecting the home building industry within the jurisdiction of the Association


Our member-leaders are volunteers who are dedicated to the homebuilding industry, our association, and its members. Click below to meet the team.


Explore our rich, local history from 1944 through present day via our decade-by-decade slideshow.

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