High Paying Career Paths in Residential Construction

Tim King, President

North Construction Building Industry Association (NCBIA) www.ncbia.com

Residential construction careers are professionally and financially rewarding. A career in the skilled trades, such as carpentry or plumbing, doesn’t require a four-year degree. Additionally, individuals who enroll in an apprenticeship program can earn income while they learn their trade. 

Upon completion of their training, skilled trades professionals have strong earning potential. According to the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and a National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) analysis, half of the payroll workers in construction earn more than $58,500 and the top 25% make at least $79,450. The BLS publishes wages for more than 400 occupations in construction. Here is a closer look at the median salaries among the highest-paid wages in construction based on the most recent data available (2023).  

Brickmasons. Bricklaying is a cornerstone of the construction industry. Masonry construction encompasses many materials, including brick, stone, marble, granite, travertine, limestone, concrete block, glass block, stucco, and tile. The median annual wage for brickmasons is $59,890.

Electricians. Consistently sought after in the job market are skilled electricians. The median wage for electricians in 2023 was $60,720. Electricians use their analytical skills to diagnose electrical problems and utilize a wide range of tools and technologies to complete their tasks.

Carpenters. Carpenters are in high demand across all construction sectors, consistently finding employment throughout various project phases. This translates to exceptional job security within the industry. Top carpenters are known for their critical thinking and meticulous attention to detail. Skilled carpenters enjoy a competitive annual salary of $57,300.

First-Line Supervisors. Once you have enough experience, you will have the opportunity to be a project manager. First-line supervisors are vital in ensuring completed projects are on time and within budget. The median wage for an employee in this role is $76,960.

Plumbers. In 2023, the median wage for plumbers was $61,380. They are responsible for the installation, repair, and maintenance of piping systems in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. Beyond technical expertise, plumbers excel in communication and problem-solving, ensuring customer satisfaction. As complex water systems are integral to modern structures, the demand for skilled plumbers remains steady.

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