April is New Home Month

What Type of New Home Builder Should You Hire?

Tim King, President

North Coast Building Industry Association (NCBIA) www.ncbia.com

Imagine getting the keys to a new home that perfectly fits your family’s lifestyle. Before making that dream a reality, as a new home buyer, you decide what type of home to purchase. Once you determine which new home type works best for your family and budget, you can then figure out what kind of home builder you need to hire. To help you select the builder that works for you, here’s a brief explanation of the types of home builders and some of the differences in working with each. 


Custom home builders

A custom home is generally a single-family home that is built to a buyer’s specifications. With a custom home, you’ll be starting with a new design, so you have to make many decisions, from the floor plan type to the final finishes. Therefore, you’ll have to work closely with the builder and architect to design and construct a home with all your desired features and elements. A custom home is truly one-of-a-kind and won’t look like any other house in the neighborhood.

Given the number of decisions you’ll have to make related to crafting your dream house, it could take longer to build and be costly. However, a key benefit of working with a custom home builder is that you can make alterations in the building process, although it may increase the overall price of the home.

Semi-custom home builders

A semi-custom home is constructed based on existing blueprints and can be built on the builders’ land or land you own. As a semi-custom home buyer, you can review the plans before construction and conform them to your personal preferences. However, unlike a custom home, once construction begins, there is less flexibility to make changes. And since the house is not being designed from scratch, it often costs less and is completed in a faster timeframe than an entire custom home. 

Production home builders

Production homes are built in developments on land the builder owns and there will likely be multiple homes in the neighborhood that look similar. Production builders use standard plans, but often offer a variety of plan choices and options, such as different floor plans and elevations. You can choose from various feature options, from cabinets to countertops, which may or may not increase the base home price. In general, production homes are built in a fast timeframe since the builder has already obtained the necessary permits for the plans. However, alterations to structural elements, such as the foundation walls, will require reengineering the plans and resubmitting them for new permits, which could lengthen the completion date. 

For more information on types of builders in this area, contact the NCBIA.  

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