Technical Education Can Lead to a Fulfilling Career

Tim King, President

North Coast Building Industry Association (NCBIA)

A new year always conjures up the spirit of a fresh start. For those planning to enter the
workforce or looking for career change, now is the time to contemplate job
opportunities. If you are looking for a change of pace with your current job or trying to
find the right career path, seeking technical education opportunities can lead to
professional and personal fulfillment.
Each February, the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and industry leaders
in our community celebrate Careers and Technical Education (CTE) Month. CTE
includes several fields, such as information technology, advanced manufacturing, and
construction. In addition, this nationally recognized month shines a spotlight on the
educational opportunities available for high school students, college students and
The traditional four-year college path isn’t for everyone. And those who already have
higher education accreditations can easily transition to a new CTE-related field. Gaining
technical skills does not require taking on a considerable amount of education debt and
many benefits, including the following.
Enjoy Promising Career Prospects. According to a recent Home Builders Institute
report, a substantial portion of the construction labor market is nearing retirement age.
The pending departures of many skilled residential construction workers mean
promising job prospects for CTE-trained professionals. According to NAHB Economics’
analysis of Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data and projections, the average annual
number of openings in construction is approximately 723,000.
Earn While You Learn. Individuals are taking on enormous debt to pay for four or more
years of college. In the 2021-2022 school year, more than half of bachelor’s degree
recipients from public and private nonprofit four-year colleges and universities
graduated with debt. They had an average debt level of $29,400, according to the
College Board’s Trends in Student Aid 2022 report. Technical education offers an
alternative to the four-year college track without the burden of finishing with a
tremendous amount of debt. And numerous “earn while you learn” apprenticeships are
available, so you don’t have to wait to complete a training program to start making

Escape the usual 9 to 5. Professionals working in the trades are problem solvers and
critical thinkers. Each day has new tasks and challenges that are an ideal match for any
CTE-trained individual. For example, critical thinkers and detail-oriented individuals
would excel as carpenters in residential construction, ensuring materials are exact.
Individuals with exceptional analytical skills are qualities found among expert
electricians and plumbers, both which earn more than $60,000 a year.
Trades are for Everyone. More women across the country are joining the residential
construction industry. According to an NAHB analysis, the number of women employed
in the construction industry increased to over 1.28 million in 2022. Women comprise
10% of the construction workforce and a growing support network exists. For example,
NAHB’s Professional Women in Building Council offers a variety of professional
development and networking opportunities.
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