Top 10 End-of-Summer Home Maintenance Tips

Tim King, President

North Coast Building Industry Association – NCBIA –

Summer is for warm weather, relaxing vacations, and spending time with friends and family. Before the summer season ends, there are some routine maintenance steps you can take to ensure your home looks good and functions optimally. The best time to pay attention to your home needs is now. Procrastinating on home maintenance could result in future costly repairs. Here are the top common issues to check before the summer season ends.

Exterior Maintenance

    • Clean your gutters. Use a sturdy ladder to inspect your gutters safely. Remove any leaves or debris.
    • Fix cracks in your driveway or walkway. Small cracks can quickly worsen if left untreated as water collects and temperatures fluctuate.
    • Inspect your home’s siding. Look for anything loose or rotting. Then, consider power washing to remove dust, bird droppings, dirt, abandoned wasp nests or tree sap. You may want to repair or repaint the siding to protect it from harsh weather or make it look nicer.
    • Prevent bugs from entering your home. Use sprays or re-caulk doors and windows if necessary. A minor pest problem could become a big one quickly.
  • Wash your windows (both inside and outside). Look for any leaks and re-caulk as needed. Fixing any gaps will help with energy efficiency, and cleaning the windows will allow more natural light to enter your home. Your window screens may need to be replaced, too.

Interior Maintenance

  • Check safety devices. Evaluations include, but are not limited to, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, fire extinguishers and any child safety devices.
  • Clean your air conditioner. If you use an in-window unit, clear out debris. If you use an HVAC system, call the pros to keep up with maintenance. 
  • Plan for winter weather. Winter storms can be unforgiving. Power can go out for extended periods. Stay prepared with flashlights, clean water to drink, a battery-powered fan, and non-perishable foods. Consider using surge-protector power strips for electronics, too.
  • Survey your basement. A variety of problems can go unnoticed in the basement. Call a contractor if you find any cracks in the foundation or leaks in the plumbing.  Leaking in front of cracks?  Hairline cracks are not uncommon, but leaking would be.  
  • Unclog your dryer vent. Clogged vents can pose problems at any point in the year, especially in the summer. Large amounts of dust buildup in the ducts can cause fires. 

For more information on home maintenance you can do yourself, and when and how to hire a licensed professional, contact the NCBIA.  We are your local not-for-profit trade association representing member companies involved in all aspects of home building, remodeling, and other aspects of services available to help you in the future as well as more information on the above topic.   So, you can see it is for your protection that you use a NCBIA member. If you are unsure that your contractor is a member of the NCBIA or you are looking for a list of NCBIA members, you can visit our website at or call 440-934-1090.   

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