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If you missed our annual NCBIA Home and Remodeling Show last weekend at the Emerald Event Center in Avon you missed a lot.  Missed a lot, but you can still find reputable vendors by visiting our website. We want to thank our event sponsors AMC Contracting Group, 84 Lumber, and Floor Coverings International.  We had over fifty vendors, plus our Build Across America booth brought by the NCBIA Workforce Development committee.  There were activities for children and information on Careers in Construction.  Kids got to build gingerbread houses, bird houses, bird feeders, butterfly houses and barns.   Equipped with safety glasses and kid’s hammer they went to town, did an excellent job and we just may have some future builders.  

After they built their project, they got to take them home, along with their safety glasses, coloring pages, crayons, stickers and the book The House That She Built.  This book was inspired by a team of women who came together from around the county to build a one-of-a-kind home in Utah.  The book educates young readers about the people and their skills that go into building a home – – architect, framer, roofer, electrician and many others that contribute their skills that are needed to build a home.  The illustrations connect and empower, and the words built upon each other will leave kids excited about their own skills and interests in learning new ones.   More information can be found at 


We also had information about the future of Skilled Trades and reasons why parents should advocate for skilled trade careers and advantages.   

  • Trade School is Less Expensive Than College
  • They Can Start Working (and Earning Money) Quickly
  • Earning Potential (National Average Annual Wages with Grown Through 2028)


Carpenter $52,850

Building Systems Technician $43,790

Drywall & Ceiling Tile Installers $51,930

Electrician $60,370

HVAC $51,420

Masonry $56,470

Painter $47,140

Plumber $63,350

Welder $48,290


  • Most Skilled Trades Work Comes with Benefit Packages
  • Feel a Sense of Accomplishment Every Day
  • The Sky’s the Limit When it Comes to Job Growth
  • There’s Room for Everyone in the Skilled Trades
  • They Can Choose a Job They Love
  • They’ll Receive Safety Training
  • Some Skilled Trades are Close to Recession-Proof
  • Entrepreneurial Opportunities

For more information about a career in the trades, contact the NCBIA.  We are your local not-for-profit trade association representing member companies involved in all aspects of home building, remodeling, and other aspects of services available to help you in the future as well as more information on the above topic.   So, you can see it is for your protection that you use a NCBIA member. If you are unsure that your contractor is a member of the NCBIA or you are looking for a list of NCBIA members, you can visit our website at www.ncbia.com or call 440-934-1090.   We also have a job posting board (under the industry tab).   

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