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American homeowners continue to invest more in remodeling and home improvements than ever before. Spending on home renovations has surged and experts predict that trend will continue. As we celebrate National Home Remodeling Month in May, let’s take a look at a few of the key elements of successful home improvement to consider within your next project: 


Stay True to the Original Character

Sometimes during extensive home improvement projects, the original character of the home is lost. Experts say this approach makes the home appear disjointed or out of place. Staying true to its original character was the primary objective for The New American Remodel® 2022 – a flagship exhibit of the 2022 NAHB International Builders’ Show®. 


“The vision for the 2022 New American Remodel was to really capture the essence of this midcentury-modern home, without taking away from its original beauty and charm,” said Phil Kean, president of Phil Kean Design Group and the project’s lead architect. Many of the original elements that were kept and enhanced include an expansive great room, floor-to-ceiling windows, a large stone fireplace and the front porch overlooking a nearby lake. 


Optimize Natural Light

The right amount of illumination can make or break a room. In 2020, the America at Home study surveyed nearly 7,000 consumers nationwide to better understand how their home design preferences may have changed in light of COVID-19. 


The study confirmed that one of the top things people are now looking for in a home is abundant natural light, says Donald Ruthroff, AIA, principal and senior architect at Dahlin Group in Pleasanton, California. More light in your home doesn’t always mean better. The key is determining the size and placement of the windows based on a home’s layout. Different angles of light at different times of the day will add character and balance the space.


Connect with the Outdoors

Especially for those who spend most of their day indoors, creating a connection to the outdoors has become increasingly valuable. In fact, according to the most recent NAHB study What Home Buyers Really Want, 78% of home buyers consider a patio to be either “desirable” or “essential.” As a result, builder data show that the percentage of new single-family homes with patios rose to 63% last year. 


Demand for outdoor living space is especially high among millennials, many of whom indicated a specific interest in front porches. “I love the fact that styles are cyclical, and that front porches are becoming popular again,” shared Allison Paul, principal at Lessard Design in Vienna, Va. “People want to be outdoors.”


But not just any outdoor space will do, as the majority of consumers say they strongly prefer “multifunctional” patios over “open yard” designs. For homeowners who want to make that ideal, multifunctional space, design professionals suggest creating multilevel terraces, sunken patios, or outdoor kitchen-living rooms. 


No matter what your home improvement needs are, it is always best to enlist the expertise of a professional remodeler to help guide you through the process. To find a professional remodeler in your area, contact the NCBIA.


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