Ted: Hi, Ted Moss here with Genevieve Lyle, also a NCBIA member, here with another NCBIA Member Spotlight. Today we’re here with Mary Felton from Guardian Title. How are you today?

Mary: I am wonderful. Little snow this morning, but…

Ted: A little snow, I was surprised to see it. I like I’m surprised every winter, like, “What’s the snow doing here?” But it comes every year, doesn’t it?

Mary: It sure does. But it’s not slowing the market down.

Ted: No, it’s not, is it? So, you know, we do these Member Spotlight videos where we talk a little bit about your company, Guardian Title, and also talk about your membership with the NCBIA. But since you brought up the market, what’s going on?

Mary: It is, can I use the word, a little “crazy” out there! The market’s great. I am with Guardian Title, great company. They are actually the oldest title company in Ohio, started in 1962. So, I am very happy to be a part of this company and to have an office right here in Lorain County.

Ted: That’s awesome. I was started in 1962, so that tells you a little bit about my age.

Mary: You mean BORN in 1962? Ok.

Ted: Oh yeah, I was probably started before that but that’s another story.

But any rate, so regarding title, we all kind of know what title agencies do. Now, do guys only service Lorain County or how far do you go?

Mary: No, we service actually the whole state of Ohio. Right now, the biggest part of the market is refinances because the rates are so low. So definitely talk to your local lenders and preferably NCBIA members to get a refinance done right now. But no, we service all over the place. If we don’t service you here in Ohio, we can help you in another state. So, it’s a fabulous business to be in.

Ted: Now with closings, with COVID, you guys do physical closings anymore? How does that work?

Mary: So, it is a little different right now with COVID. We do, most of our clients choose outside closings. So, we do have closers that go to people’s homes, maybe an establishment and it is, you know, we’re very careful and it’s very important to be careful. I love this office here that we’re in because we do have a conference room. But I have a conference room out here, if you notice. They don’t even have to enter my office to do a closing. Most of them are done outside. And we have a company that we’ve hired. We have an on staff closer and another independent contractor that we hire.

So, mass sanitizing, you know.

Ted: All the things you’re supposed to do.

Mary: Yeah, yeah. We did just get a program called Ready to Close, and we’re very close to doing some online stuff. So, it’s getting there. Courthouse’s aren’t ready for it.

Ted: Oh they’re not?

Mary: No, not quite.

Ted: Yeah, well by the time they get ready it’ll be passed, correct.

Mary: Correct.

Ted: Well, that’s really cool. Anything you want anybody to know about Guardian Title? Anything in particular do you want to get out there to the people watching?

Mary: You know, the one thing I can say and pretty much anybody watching that knows me. I’m a seven day a week title girl. I guess you can say just love to help people. There is something about helping people in this business, whether they’re buying a new home or building a new home. I am working with a lot of the builders in the industry. So, you know, that’s always been a passion of mine. Whether you’re splitting a piece of property, so many things we can help you. And we’re full service, total company.

Ted: Cool. And now, you’re also a member of the NCBIA. How long have you been a member?

Mary: I’m going to say approximately 28  years. And I am younger than you, Ted.

Ted: OK.

Mary: So…

Ted: I’m just saying.

Mary: Yes, about twenty eight years.

Ted: Ok, and then what are some of the things you enjoy about the organization? I love the organization. Been here just a little over a year. And you know, obviously member mixers. The people are great. What are some of the things that you’ve enjoyed?

Mary: Probably the main things I have enjoyed from the time I started in this in this industry and with NCBIA, besides the people, it’s the support.

Ted: We support each other. I believe that as a member of the NCBIA, it is very important to give back to the industry that gives to us. So that is pretty much, you know, my main reason for being a part of it. They have been, this industry has been very good to me and very good to most of the people in the industry that I know. So, that is my favorite part.

I love the committees. I love the work. I love what they’re all about. I was president at one time.

Ted: Right.

Mary: And that was huge, huge for me also. Yeah, I appreciated that.

Ted: So are you going to be playing softball this coming year?

Mary: I do not play softball. I will cheer anybody on, but I do not play softball. You know, I really enjoy Ted, I keep in touch with what’s going on at the state, with the governors, with different builders that sit on bigger committees. I feel it’s very, very important to bring back to our industry what is going on out there and what can help them. I believe in Build PAC, which is a program to help fight the different things that slow our industry down. And those are the things that I enjoy doing most of all.

Ted: Ok, great. Well, yeah, the association, I can see really does a lot to lobby for this industry.

Mary: Yes, it does.

Ted: And you know, if you don’t in any organization, any business, if you don’t have someone standing up for you, sometimes government just, they don’t always make the best decision. So that’s great that the organizations are fighting for the membership.

Mary: And we need to. We need to we need to support each other, whether it’s local, state, national. We’re in this together.

Ted: Cool. Well, thank you very much. It’s been informative. I’m glad you’re a member. I’ve had fun hanging out with you and learning more about your business.

Mary: Thank you. And congratulations on your engagement.

Ted: That’s coming! The lady behind the camera is the one that I’m getting married to.

Mary: She’s a good lady.

Ted: I think so, too. All right. Thanks.

Mary: Thank you, Ted.


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