Hey, everybody, Ted Moss here with Genevieve Lyle. As you know, I’m also an NCBIA member, and today we’re doing another member spotlight video. We’re here with Beau Matus with Electrical Accents. How you doing?

Good. How are you?

Awesome. I’ve seen you at some events, particularly the clambake and some other networking events. So, good to see and be able to talk to you today. Today, we want to talk a little bit about Electrical Accents and you know, what you guys do. I’ve got a card here, and it looks like you guys do a lot of new home wiring, whole house generators, commercial work. But I’ll let you kind of expand upon that. Is it more residential or commercial or how does that work out?

We’re a very diversified company. We generally do residential applications, but we do offer commercial services as well. So, we do get involved in some to some commercial applications as well as maintenance and everything else for, you know, commercial buildings and properties. You know, most of our company, we do new construction, we’ll service anything from remodeling to a simple light fixture installed for a customer. You know, we offer a wide variety of services.

Have you found that you guys have been busier since people have been kind of locked up in their houses, since the COVID thing?

Actually, yes. I guess the silver lining to the whole 2020 for everybody, for contractors like us, you know, we’ve been very fortunate, very blessed that we’ve been so busy with everybody being at home. They want to update and make their house more comfortable. And we’re here to provide those services.

And they’re breaking more stuff, flicking the light switch on and off. Breaking things.

That’s right. We’re there to repair.

Yeah. So how long have you been with electrical accents? I’ve been with Electrical Accents for 15 years. Previously before that, I was in a union shop and another company as well. That I found this place and I’ve been here for 15 years.

And who’s the owner here? The president of our company is Jim Traut. And so he offered me a job and I’ve been here with them for 15 years.

He’s a great guy. I’ve met him and awesome guy. So now is there anything special that, you know, you kind of want to tell people, like about you? How many employees do you have here, for instance?

So, we’re hitting 40 employees right now. We’re very excited to announce our new branch that we’re opening up in Green, Ohio, where we’re going to be able to service the community down there as well.

Ok, so you have two offices, then: one here in South Amherst and then one in green kind of outside the Akron area.

Yes, sir.

OK, very cool. Now and NCBIA, you guys have been a member and we were kind of kicking this around for a long time. That’s all we know. We don’t know the exact number, but we’ll figure that out.

Yeah. We’ve been, you know, very honored to be a part of the program and, you know, very fortunate to be able to sponsor some, you know, events such as the clambake and things like that and be a part of that and be able to network with everybody else in the program has been, you know, real exciting and fun for us. And, you know, we get a lot of a lot of business from other vendors in the program as well. So, it’s a great thing.

And I know you guys kind of took away a whole bunch of loot from the last clambake.

Yeah, we did pretty well. You know, we were pretty lucky. We came with a big crowd, so we had a lot of tickets in the basket. So, yeah, I think that kind of favored our odds a little bit, but hey.

And I’d like to thank because I know you guys are a big supporter, I know you were a big sponsor of that event. And I know you guys have sponsored a lot of other things. So, I know the association thanks you. It’s through, you know, your support, each member that keeps the association running. There’s a lot of things we do as far as kind of behind the scenes. You can get lower worker’s comp rates. There’s a lot of lobbying that goes on to keep the building industry and legislatively keep someone advocating for this industry. But it’s that kind of support that you guys give, it helps us do that. So, thank you very much.


So, if someone wants to get a hold of you for any of these services, everything like you said, from new home wiring to construction to whatever broke in my house, how can a consumer or one of our members get a hold of guys?

Yes. So, we do have a staff office Monday through Friday where you can reach us at (440) 988-BULB (2852). And we also have a Facebook page where you can send us, you know, a message on Facebook or on our website at ElectricalAccessLLC.com. We also have client reviews on there, as well as on Google. So, you can check out some things. We do try to post projects that we have worked on on Facebook as well. So, we do have a lot of stuff out there and we’re very easy to get a hold of. And we be happy to talk to you.

And I think you mentioned you have 24-hour service or 24/7 service.

Yes. So, we do also have an emergency line, which you can get a hold of us 24/7 as well. The number is on our voicemail. If you call the office and can’t get a hold of anybody, the number there is reachable on our voice mail.

Okay, thanks. Again, today we’re here with Beau from Electrical Accents. I’m sure you can get a hold of him online and I appreciate it.