Guest post by Liz Schneider, Dollar Bank

From Liz’s Mortgage News

Whether you are thinking of selling your home—or just want to spruce it up—here are some inexpensive ways to increase the value of your home. Some require plain old elbow grease.  Some require you spend a little bit of money.  However, each suggestion offered will take less than a day to complete (unless you consider yourself “home-improvement challenged”).

1.Cut bushes, trim trees, edge sidewalks and driveways

2.Install matching light fixtures

3.Refinish or paint your front door

4.Refinish your hardwood and tile floors

5.Clean out the clutter—everywhere

6.Shampoo your carpets

7.Power wash the exterior of your home

8.Install matching switch plates and outlet covers

9.Replace door knobs

10.Reseal your concrete or asphalt driveway

11.Oil your door hinges

12.Replace your doorbell

13.Paint your kitchen, living rooms & bathrooms

14.Add crown molding

15.Install a new mailbox

16.Get rid of weeds growing in cracks in sidewalks & driveways

17.Paint your front & back steps/deck

18.Power wash sidewalks & patios

19.Replace kitchen & bath with faucets that match

20.Hang a mirror to create the illusion of more space

21.Install new towel bars and toilet paper holders

22.Paint your fence or railings

23.Install new street numbers on your home

24.Plant perennials/flowers

25.Fertilize your lawn

What would you add to this list?