Guest post by NCBIA Member James Miller of Howard Hanna Real Estate Services

Hey, everybody, thanks for joining us again. My name is James Miller and this is my show. I’m a real estate agent here in Cleveland, Ohio, with Howard Hanna and I serve Cleveland’s West Side.

I’m going to go over just a few tips on cleaning items throughout the house that are simple but often overlooked.

So, screwdriver, making sure that our outlet cover plates are nice and tight, using the Magic Eraser for wiping down all the smudges around. And then the toothbrush. And people are surprised a lot of times, but you can see the grime build up from fingers always touching the switch plates or the switches. And I just take a toothbrush put in there, as you can see. Dig it out a little bit. Get all the finger of grime cleaned out. That one was disgusting! You can see how well that does a job for cleaning. And that’s what happens when you have two teenage boys. They just make a mess and touch everything. And we got to go behind and get it cleaned up. And so doing those items right there help out a lot.

All right. Another thing we have a lot of times is just being able to wipe down our trim, especially where our casing around doors, our door handles, getting those nice and wiped down and cleaned up. And then, of course, the baseboards. So when we’re able to get those wipe down along with the walls. Looks nice and tidy. Shows, right.

Take care of those little details that make your home show GREAT! You can reach me at (440) 222-0403 or Thanks and have a great day!