Judie Docs, Executive Officer, North Coast Building Industry Association (NCBIA), CSP, MCSP, CGP, CMP, MIRM

What does the turmoil of the coronavirus mean for new homes and communities? For starters, we are all spending more time at home, and gaining a greater appreciation for, or frustration of, all the things that come with that.

What started as work from home, though, may have morphed into something bigger and more important for those of us involved in home and community development, or life from home.

Lifestyles could be re-made;  this disruption to clear the way for underlying trends that are already out there to become more mainstream.

In home design, that means:

  • Smaller footprint homes, more attainably priced will continue to be the product type of choice. If consumers re-boot how they earn a living or pivot to a different career, attainability will matter.
  • Home wellness technology to monitor health, track at-home fitness and maybe even detect the temperatures of visitors coming and going.
  • Floor plans need to become more multifunctional for working from home, for gathering with others, and for supporting multigenerational activities all happening at once — i.e., no wasted space, and more space that can be made to work however the person or family living there needs it to. For example, laundry sinks could be replaced with tubs that double as DIY dog washes, and garages could be turned into home gyms.
  • Storage, storage, storage, everywhere— but hidden in plain sight. Storage that works and isn’t just a quick fix for small remnant spaces. And what about tastefully designed hand sanitizer dispensers near the front door?
  • Indoor/outdoor spaces that work. For example, porches that are deep enough to sit comfortably in a chair. Sometimes this means an extra foot, and it adds cost. But consumers that value this will make trade-offs elsewhere for it.

The innovators and creators who make this industry so great will come out of this stronger and more committed to doing everything possible to contribute to creating spaces and places for people who, more than ever, have come to see the importance of home.

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