Jeremy Vorndran, President, North Coast Building Industry Association

It’s a known fact that the current workforce for the trades in the building industry is a dying breed. The average age of a plumber is 58, an electrician is 43, and masons are 42. There are so many great jobs out there that are just waiting for the right individual to take these positions. A crucial part of developing our workforce and lowering the average age of workers is the Lorain County Joint Vocational School. Our local JVS offers 4 labs that focus on the construction industry: carpentry, masonry, electrical, and HVAC. We at the NCBIA, are committed to helping these programs grow and thrive so that the future of the building industry can keep growing and thriving as well. This past weekend we were lucky enough to have students from the masonry and carpentry programs working our Home & Remodeling Show. The students sold many of the pieces they have made in their classes. From bird baths to decorative concrete pieces, children’s picnic tables to giant Jenga sets! The instructors for these classes understand the great importance of preparing these kids for the workforce as soon as they graduate. Most high school students do not realize the great potential they have if they develop a skill in a trade. So many local companies are eagerly awaiting these kids to finish up their courses at the JVS so they can hire them on the spot as soon as they graduate. If you have children or grandchildren that are even remotely considering going into the trades I strongly encourage you to have the conversation with them about the JVS. Visit one of their open houses or come check out their Builder Expo that will take place on May 8th at the campus in Oberlin. For more information about all the wonderful classes the JVS has to offer check out their website at

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