By: Liz Schneider, Dollar Bank

From Liz’s Mortgage News

Have you ever been “fired” by a client?

Unfortunately, it happens.

Experts tell us that the main reason is the real estate agent/builder/sales professional did not live up to the client’s “expectations.”  While it can be difficult to know what those are at any given time, here is a list of five questions that every real estate agent/builder/sales professional should be prepared to answer.  In fact, a written document with this information would be ideal so you can review with the client before they sign the buyer agency or any agreement.

  1. What are your working hours? If you say you are available 24/7/365, be prepared to back it up by answering your phone at 2 am.  If not, be very specific.  Certain times of the day.  Days of the week.  Or if your client has a unique work schedule, a mutually agreeable time.
  2. What’s your experience? Review the types of transactions you specialize in.  List the designations that you have earned.  People don’t understand “real estate/mortgage lingo” so give a short description of your niche, including what education was involved in getting your designations.
  3. How many successful transactions have you closed? You don’t have to be the highest producer, but they need to know the number of transactions, the type of sales and over what period of time.
  4. What to expect if you are sick, out of town or not able to call – Is there another agent, an assistant or a team to back you up? Or will they have to wait till you can get in touch with them?
  5. Ask them what they EXPECT from you – It’s critical that you ask and understand what the client expects from you. Take notes, read the list back to them, and make sure you know exactly what they mean.

After your meeting, I suggest that you send an email outlining what you discussed, including what you think they expect from you.

Communication is the key to happy clients!

And I can assure you that “communication” between you and your clients is at the top of my priority list!

P.S What form of communication do you prefer during the loan process- phone call or email updates??