Liz Schneider, President, North Coast Building Industry Association

Every year, remodelers and real estate agents are surveyed to determine the cost of making improvements to your home versus the dollar amount it adds to the value of your home.

I am sharing the stats based on the national average:

Remodel Job                                  Mid-Range Cost                             Resale Value

Bathroom Remodel                      $20,420                                           $13,717

Bathroom Addition                       $47,427                                           $28,726

Wood Deck                                     $13,333                                           $10,083

Entry Door Replacement             $ 1,876                                            $ 1,368

Garage Door Replacement          $ 3,611                                            $ 3,520

Major Kitchen Remodel               $66,196                                           $41,133

Minor Kitchen Remodel               $22,507                                           $18,123

Asphalt Roof Replacement          $22,636                                           $15,427

Siding Replacement                      $16,036                                           $12,119

Vinyl Window Replacement        $16,802                                           $12,332

Backyard Patio Addition              $56,906                                           $31,430


Check out this link for 2019 Cost vs Value Report for your area:


So, if you are thinking of remodeling, check out for a list of contractors in Lorain, Erie, and Huron Counties. We also have a virtual parade of homes  available 24/7 if you’re looking for a new home.