Peace of mind.  First and foremost, our members are thoroughly vetted in our application process.  They are our neighbors and our friends here in our local communities.  Unlike many fly-by-night companies who have no intention of staying here, our members care about their reputation, communities, and customers.

Ethical & Reliable.  All NCBIA members must abide by our local (NCBIA), state (Ohio Home Builders Association) and national (National Association of Home Builders) bylaws and codes of ethics.  Members must comply with the requirements of the State Attorney General and the FTC advertising guidelines. There shall be no misleading or deceiving of their customers. They must offer a guarantee on their labor and material of at least one year and extend to their customers the terms of the manufacturer or supplier guarantee or warranty. They must perform work in compliance with the local laws for the public health and safety and meet all contractual obligations.

Network of Members.  Whether you need help with one part of your home, a major renovation or need to finance your project, we have a referral for you!  Our members consist of everything from Accountants to Window Cleaning and everything in between.   We have over 270 local members ready to help you.

Whether you choose a member of the NCBIA or not, you should always do your homework before you hire.  Some important characteristics you should be looking for to ensure that you hire a legitimate contractor are:

✓ Experience – Ask how long they have been in business. Longevity suggests financial stability, which is necessary for the contractor to finish the job and still be available if problems crop up after the job is completed. Also, the more jobs the company has completed, the more expertise the contractor will bring to your project.

✓ Reputation – Look to the contractors’ former and current customers to determine the company’s reputation. Ask for referrals of customers you can call to get their impressions of the company’s work and customer service.

✓ Insurance – It is also important to verify that the contractor carries workers’ compensation and liability insurance. Have the contractor show you copies of both insurance certificates to protect yourself from liability in situations involving job site injuries or property damage resulting from the work being done on your home.