by Judie Docs, Executive Officer, North Coast BIA, CSP, MCSP, CGP, CMP, MIRM

If you’re thinking about remodeling your home this year, you can find some inspiration within one of the featured show homes of the 2018 International Builders’ Show – The New American Remodel. (

The home showcases many of the latest trends in remodeling that focus on modernizing a home while maintaining key elements of its original design to preserve its vintage charm. The modern building techniques used during the renovations transformed the 80-year-old Orlando residence from a cramped abode into an expansive estate with a large kitchen, an adjoining great room and outdoor pavilion, as well as an all-new master suite.

Updated Vintage Exterior

If your home has vintage or historic elements that add character but need to be brought back to life, talk to a professional remodeler to see if they can be salvaged or refurbished. For example, the original ironwork of the staircase and front porch of The New American Remodel were restored and repainted, creating a beautiful and economical solution to maintain the original design.

Going Green

Energy efficiency should be a key component of every home remodel project, just as it was for The New American Home Remodel. The home’s top-rated green building certification was made possible by incorporating state-of-the-art green and sustainable building products like spray foam insulation, high-SEER air handlers, automated LED lighting, and a full array of energy-efficient appliances—all of which enhanced efficiency without diminishing any of the vintage charm.

When planning your remodel, a professional remodeler can identify ways to integrate the latest strategies in energy efficiency that will compliment your home’s original design. Not only is it good for the environment, but you will also save money through lower heating and air conditioning costs and smaller monthly water bills.

Balancing the Past and Present

For the interior design, the style of the finishes you choose is equally important. For example, the remodeled show home featured new wainscoting to create a more open feeling, but the remodeler chose a traditional style that fit seamlessly with the original home.

Similarly, new light fixtures with antique designs can marry new, green technology with classic, vintage design. And your choice of flooring can have a dramatic impact on your home’s overall character. The New American Remodel went with a hybrid material of reclaimed and engineered wood that was pre-stained to look vintage.

If you’re looking to renovate your home, give yourself permission to be picky about what materials and fixtures you choose. Invest in things that are functional and well-made but that don’t detract from what you loved about your home in the first place. Think about updating the exterior with new materials that look vintage, and always consider going green wherever possible.


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