by Chris Majzun Jr., President, North Coast Building Industry Association

As the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) celebrates Careers in Construction Month in October, builders around the country are seeking skilled craftsmen to help them build the American Dream.

The overall trend for open construction jobs has been increasing since the end of the Great Recession. Residential construction offers many fulfilling career opportunities, from architects and engineers to carpenters, plumbers, electricians, painters and landscapers.  Yet, access to skilled labor remains a top challenge.

After many workers left the home building industry during the Great Recession to pursue employment in other sectors, not nearly enough of them have returned. This labor shortage can lead to delays in completing projects on time, which can increase the cost of building homes and make housing more expensive for consumers.

As the housing industry continues to recover, we are focused on training more workers and leaders to fill these important roles.  Educators, parents and students are encouraged to take a close look at the career opportunities available in residential construction and understand that a vocational education offers satisfying career paths and financial gains.

NAHB strives to promote positive working relationships between state and local BIAs and career and technical education institutions to promote and advance careers in the home building industry.

NAHB’s Student Chapters Program is another important component to preparing the next generation of building professionals. With 140 secondary, associate and four-year college chapters throughout the country, the program offers students first-hand exposure to the building industry through NAHB membership, educational programming and networking opportunities. The North Coast BIA does have a Student Chapter Program at the Lorain County JVS through its Carpentry Program.

In addition, NAHB has a vibrant, healthy student chapters program for both high school and college-age youth, sponsors the NAHB Student Competition at the International Builders’ Show, and looks for opportunities to showcase home building careers by providing resources to help our HBAs enlarge their local pools of talent.

The housing industry is critical to the American economy, and a skilled and capable workforce that is adequate to meet demand is vital to the nation’s home builders. NAHB supports workforce development through its affiliate, Home Building Institute (HBI), and student chapters that encourage young people to pursue careers in home building.

HBI is a national leader for career training in the home building industry. HBI training programs are taught in local communities across the country to youth, veterans, displaced workers and other underserved populations.

NAHB also supports and advocates for local, state and federal funds used to support industry-sponsored and validated programs that have been proven to be successful: the Job Corps and PACT programs are cost-effective means of providing training and employment opportunities to individuals who are unable to compete in the labor market and of supplying the construction industry with a source of well-trained and motivated workers.

Find your home with a rewarding career in the home building industry and earn a great salary. The top 25% in most construction trades professions earn at least $60,000 annually.

The North Coast BIA can connect you to the educators, industry members, who can help getting started in this very rewarding career path.

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