To require reimbursement of certain township fire and emergency medical service levy revenue forgone because of the creation of a municipal tax increment financing district.

HB 69 amends existing Tax Incremental Financing Law to add township fire, emergency medical and ambulance levies to the list of special- purpose levies.  HB 69 gives townships the choice of collecting the reimbursement, waiving it, or negotiating a partial reimbursement of the money the levy would have raised but for the TIF.   The bill only applies prospectively and to TIFs created by municipal corporations where townships provide the fire, emergency, or rescue services.  HB 69 passed out of the House, and was referred to the Senate Ways and Means Committee.  HB 69 received sponsor testimony and will likely continue to move as the Senate meets in the coming weeks.  OHBA has reached out to members around the state and other construction groups, but has yet to hear any specific, substantial concern.   Please feel free to contact OHBA ASAP with any insight on the potential impact or concerns with adding fire and emergency services to the list of already required reimbursements.


Ranging from home inspectors to commercial roofing, there are quite a few bills under review dealing with the topic of licensing.  OHBA has been closely watching and involved in discussions on each and every one.    Below is a brief description of the bills.

HB 148 Home Improvement Contractors (Patmon, B) To require statewide registration of home improvement contractors and to create a home improvement board.  HB 148 provides exclusive authority to home improvement board to regulate home improvement contractors in Ohio.  Prohibits any person from knowingly acting as a home improvement contractor unless the person is registered or the person is licensed under the OCILB and home improvement is covered by the license.  Home improvement includes cost to owner exceeding $500 but does not exceed $25,000.

HB 164 Commercial Roofing (Patton, T) To require commercial roofing contractors to have a license.  This proposes to extend the current OCILB licensing provisions to include commercial roofing under the licensed specialty trades.

HB 211 Home Inspectors (Hughes, J.) To require the licensure of home inspectors and to create the Ohio Home Inspector Board to regulate the licensure and performance.  A substitute bill is expected next week to include some recommended changes from interested parties, including OHBA.

HB 236 Elevator Law (Patton, T., Cupp, R) To enact Model Elevator Law, and make comprehensive changes to the current practice of both residential and commercial installation and inspection, including a licensing requirement.  OHBA has received significant feedback on the potential negative impacts this would have and continues to be in contact with the chairman of the house committee HB 236 has been assigned.

HB 339 Residential Contractors (Schaffer, T., Hagan, C.) To license residential only construction contractors and to make changes to the law regulating specialty construction contractors. HB 339 was introduced this week to create another specialty contractor (HVAC, plumbing, electrical, etc) license for residential construction.  OHBA has opposed such extension, unless there are changes made to allow for the use of unlicensed subcontractors, which is currently prohibited under the OCILB law.

SB 115 Roofing Contractors (Bacon, K.) To require the registration of roofing contractors.  SB 115 sets forth an extensive registration requirement for residential roofing.  This legislation is a national effort being pushed by insurance groups, and it appears there will be time, according to the sponsor, to discuss further.  SB 115 has been referred to committee, and received sponsor testimony.

If you have any questions, or would like to review language in more detail for any of the above legislation, please contact OHBA.


OHBA Fall Board of Trustees Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, November 14th at the Hilton Easton in Columbus. At this meeting, you will obtain updated information on issues affecting the industry, election of 2018 officers, top awards will be given and find out who the 2017 The Best of Ohio Homes winners are.

Meeting information has been sent out.  If you need information, please contact build@ohiohba.com or 614-228-6648.