2017 Legislative Review – Aug 24 – Report #8

 In Government Affairs, Ohio Home Builders Association


When the House returns from summer recess sometime in September, it is likely OHBA will be closely following several issues in the House Commerce and Labor Committee.  Over the summer, OHBA has been in contact with both the committee chairman, and members of the committee in anticipation.

HB 128 Building Inspections (Roegner, K.) To permit a general contractor or owner of specified buildings to enter into a contract with a third-party private inspector or a certified building department for building inspection and to make other changes relating to building inspections.

HB 164 Commercial Roofing (Patton, T) To require commercial roofing contractors to have a license.

HB 211 Home Inspectors (Hughes, J.) To require the licensure of home inspectors and to create the Ohio Home Inspector Board to regulate the licensure and performance.

HB 236 Elevator Law (Patton, T., Cupp, R) To enact Model Elevator Law.

If you have any questions, or would like to review language in more detail for any of the above legislation, please contact OHBA.


HB 69 TIF DISTRICTS (Cupp, B.) To require reimbursement of certain township fire and emergency medical service levy revenue forgone because of the creation of a municipal tax increment financing district.

HB 69 amends existing Tax Incremental Financing Law to add township fire, emergency medical and ambulance levies to the list of special- purpose levies.  HB 69 gives townships the choice of collecting the reimbursement, waiving it, or negotiating a partial reimbursement of the money the levy would have raised but for the TIF.   The bill only applies prospectively and to TIFs created by municipal corporations where townships provide the fire, emergency, or rescue services.  HB 69 passed out of the House, and has been referred to the Senate Ways and Means Committee.  HB 69 will likely be heard when the legislature returns next month.  OHBA is gathering more information on the potential impact of HB 69 before it is heard again. Please feel free to contact OHBA with any insight on the potential impact or concerns with adding fire and emergency services to the list of already required reimbursements.

Contact OHBA with any questions, at (800)282-3403 ext. 1

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