Choosing Your Project


Building a home addition can be an investment and it can be a way to customize your home to meet your family’s specific needs and desires. You will want to talk to an architect to be sure the addition will match the rest of the home. Keep in mind traffic flow and your budget. Then choose a remodeler who is a member of the local trade association, has general liability insurance and workers comp insurance.


The most talked room in your home. Because the kitchen is often the most lived-in room, few remodeling projects come close to matching the excitement of a kitchen transformation. Cabinets and handles, lighting, windows, layout, plumbing fixtures, colors, flooring and more will transform your old kitchen into your dream kitchen.


You can add many simple features to enhance a bathroom in any price range. There are so many options to create that luxury bath…mirrors, lighting and countertops. There is a wide array of plumbing fixtures…sinks, showers and bath options with special features. Glass block to increase lighting or provide privacy and even an updating of the commode can transform the room with many options. You can also change the mood with color and some pictures.

Basement Remodel

Need that extra space for a family room, man cave, guest room, study or hobby room? Basement remodels can provide any one of these or a combination.  Think about how to incorporate more storage with a home office. Or maybe a music room, home theater, exercise room or even a library. There are so many ways you can create that special place of interest in your home.


Does your home need a facelift? Siding comes in many styles and colors giving your home that fresh new look, but you can transform the entire style of your home by changing the style of siding. You have so many choices in siding – brick, stone, cedar, limestone, log, seamless steel, horizontal or vertical, Eco-friendly, stucco and more. A few things to consider; upkeep, versatility, architectural style and ultimately curb appeal.


Does your roof need to be repaired or replaced? How old is your roof: Is it past its expected lifespan? Types of roofs and expected lifespan: Asphalt can last between 15-20 years; Metal and Aluminum can last centuries; Slate, although more expensive is highly resistant to the elements and can last 100 years; Wood is around 15 years depending on the type of wood it could be 20 – 30 years; Clay or Concrete Tile again heavy it is found mostly in the Southwest and can last several hundred years.

Windows and Doors

New windows and doors can make your home look like new.  You will want to choose windows and doors that will keep the indoor air balanced and protect against wind and water damage. There are literally hundreds of designs and styles.  You can restore your current window or you may want to incorporate the following: vinyl or wood, energy efficient, double-hung, casement, bay or a picture window.